Tuesday, November 17, 2015

grateful for all of the goodness


above photos by Christina Bernales
It's the time of year for gatherings & festive noshing, & when our chocolate charcuterie really gets a chance to shine! Add a rich, creamy chocolate salami or terrine to your cheese, fruit & charcuterie board, serve alongside pie and ice cream, put a slice on a plate with fresh whipped cream & a fruit or caramel sauce, or add it to your hors d'oeuvre tray with a sliced baguette or toasts. It's all good. 

Give thanks for friends, family & food!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

fall bounty

It's the most wonderful time of the year, the beginning of autumn, & it hasn't disappointed. We've been gathering sweet late-season strawberries from local farms & dipping them in dark chocolate,  along with fragrant ground cherries, their husks gathered into fancy headdresses, & tender, juicy kiwi berries (yes, actual hardy kiwis, grown in Vermont!). Fresh blueberries & raspberries are being submerged in rich chocolate when we can get our hands on them. We can personally attest that a cold, crisp glass of local Whetstone cider is the perfect accompaniment!

We're also excited about a collaboration with Sawyer's Artisanal Cheese & Orchard Hill Breadworks, a delicious & comely sandwich exclusive to the Farmers Market which pairs the three distinctive flavors & textures wonderfully. Or, as we were tickled to hear someone exclaim, "Oh, bread, cheese & chocolate, my three favorite food groups – this makes the perfect Farmer's Market marriage!"

Sunday, August 30, 2015

chocolatier: the next generation

One of the reasons we were able to dive in & create some new chocolates these past couple of weeks was that we had an incredible intern who worked with us before the school semester kicked in. Meet Elery, an accomplished baker & chocolatier in her own right, the kind of young woman who spends her spare time manning a melangeur in her home kitchen & using her own ground chocolate to make an array of delicious bonbons & baked goods (we were lucky enough to be able to sample some!). We rocked our hairnets & fancy aprons, & experimented with new flavor combinations & techniques. Elery kept us laughing, questioning & exploring, & we are so grateful to have such a fun, smart & energetic person help us in the kitchen!

You can have the opportunity to try out some of Elery's treats if you're lucky enough to go to her family's art & community space, 118 Elliot, on a night when she's offering some of her wares for sale. 

We hope to have Elery back in the chocolate lab for some guest-star chocolatiering during the holiday season.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

take flight

New on the menu at the charming & delicious Gill Tavern: a flight of mendiants in dark, milk & white chocolate with different seasonal & classic inclusions depending on the whim of the chocolatier
Back on our menu: Mont Vert terrine with dark milk chocolate, Vermont creamery chévre, Vermont honey & a whiff of lavender
Happy Summertime Feasting!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

shop talk

Get your day started with the most delicious beans the planet has to offer: we're open Monday - Friday 9am - 1pm in the shop. Stop by for fresh, house-roasted single origin coffee, handmade chocolates, & cool air conditioning!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

the big picture

What a whirlwind this past few weeks has been! We were honored to take part in this year's Food, Mindfully Slow Living Summit & Strolling of the Heifers event, where we had the opportunity to attend some very informative & insightful Summit panels on food entrepreneurship, as well as hear inspiring plenary speeches that resounded with ideas & approaches we will take into our own business. Topped off by vending in our town's wonderful Farmers Market where we get to see our friends & fans, meet new customers, & talk to the other amazing vendors, our past few weeks have been rich with local food & inspiration!

We finished our business plan, with many thanks for input & inspiration from our trusted circle of local business & food entrepreneur friends.

And working with with an incredibly talented photographer, Christina Bernales, who took the lush & breathtaking photos above, was an absolute thrill, as well as really fun & inspiring. How lucky are we, & how very grateful? Very!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

market days

We are really enjoying being at the Farmers Market on Saturdays. What an incredible collection of food & talent, & so good to connect with both vendors & fans. Fingers crossed that sunny & cooler weather continues!