Wednesday, March 25, 2015

spring has sprung

Springtime & summer flavors are appearing on the shelves! We've come up with a menu of hand-painted filled & pure chocolate eggs for Easter & spring, as well as new tablet flavors in warm weather flavors for the winter-weary (what a winter it has been), now at North End Butchers, & in April on the shelves in our own factory shop (hours to be announced soon!). Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

under construction

We have some exciting news… construction has begun on our factory shop, attached to our kitchen space in the Cotton Mill building. We are absolutely floored by the gorgeous wood factory floors!

This will be the future site of CSC pick-ups, & we'll have regular weekend hours when people can come in to peruse & pick up chocolates, hot drinks & other tasty treats. Stay tuned for more information… & an announcement for a factory-warming event!

And of course, there's the glamorous task of scrubbing down the new kitchen space – but, we had our inspection & scored a 96, so all the hard work was well worth it. Now we're ready to roll...

Sunday, March 8, 2015

stave off the cold

Drinking chocolates are now in the house, to help with the transition from this chilly winter to spring thaw. The temperature is forecast to hit a balmy 40ºF in the coming week, which sounds perfect for ice cream, or cold drinks on a sunny porch (we're in Vermont, after all). 

Try one of these recipes to make our flavored ground drinking chocolates into a rich sauce for ice cream, dipping sauce for fruit or crusty bread, or to add to a cold martini (shaken or stirred, it's all delicious). Try different drinking chocolate & ice cream combinations for a scrumptious taste adventure!

fudgy chocolate sauce shell    hardens on ice cream
1/2 cup ground drinking chocolate
4 Tbsp unsalted butter
melt chocolate & butter in double burner until smooth & well incorporated. Pour immediately over ice cream. 
Stores well in the refrigerator; heat up for a few seconds in microwave or warm in double burner to re-melt.

rich chocolate sauce    creamy & perfect for dipping fruit, bread, or pouring on ice cream
1/2 cup ground drinking chocolate
2 Tbsp unsalted butter
1/2 cup whole milk, or heavy cream for richer sauce
melt chocolate, milk & butter in double burner until smooth & well incorporated. Pour immediately over ice cream. 
Stores well in the refrigerator; heat up for a few seconds in microwave or warm in double burner to re-melt.

quick & easy chocolate sauce    great for mixed drinks, coffee, or poured over ice cream
Mix equal parts ground drinking chocolate & hot water with a whisk until chocolate is well dissolved.
Pop in the microwave for several seconds or stir over low heat on a stove top if necessary. Add a shot to cold vodka, or pour over ice cream & enjoy.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

almost spring


 Late winter, after a particularly long cold spell, & we're all ready for spring. New menu in the works, longer days, & daylight savings time coming right up. Bring it on!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

vermont romance kit

This just in: The Vermont Romance Kit: 2 luscious white chocolate saffron snowballs + 4 delicious dark chocolate maple sugar buttermilk logs, nestled together like you & your honey on a cold, snowy winter's night. Just add champagne or the libation of your choice. We'll have them at North End Butcher's this weekend. Because that's how we roll in Vermont.

Friday, January 30, 2015

sweet love

We've been busy bees putting together some sweet bonbons for Valentine's Day. The finest chocolate & rich local dairy paired with delicious liqueurs, fruits, nuts & seeds hailed for their aphrodisiacal qualities, all packaged up in pretty shapes & boxes, sure to excite the apple of your eye! Go here for the full menu, & here to find us at pop ups in the near future!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

how do you say "Tavernier?"

Well, that question just happens to rhyme! My father's side of the family is of French & Quebecois descent, so it is pronounced "ta.vɛʁ.nje", or, according to one of my non-French speaking college chums like a viking cry, "I'm going to the tavern, YAY!" Some relatives had changed the spelling to Tavernia in the hopes that English-speakers would pronounce it correctly, but ours has remained in the original French spelling & was subjected to many different pronunciations over the years. Tavernier means tavern keeper, & indeed some of my ancestors rented out rooms & fed people over the years in the St. Lawrence valley of Quebec & New York state. It seemed fitting to name a chocolate venture after my surname, inspired by a woman who enjoyed food & travel as much as my grandmother did.

That is my dear grandmother Ella Tavernier on the far left, arm-in-arm with her beloved cousin & smiled upon by her two sisters, my wonderful great-aunties.